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Plan.  Invest.  Repeat.

Advice for established investors, creating a path to & through retirement.

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Our Founding Principles:

Elite Wealth is an independent, fee-only, fiduciary advisory firm based in Colorado.

Fiduciary Standards

The highest legal duty of one to another, being a fiduciary requires an advisor to act ethically and in the client’s best interests. We serve as a fiduciary in every aspect of our client relationships.


As an independent advisory firm, we aren't limited to a restrictive list of funds. Instead, we rely on unbiased research to determine where our clients' money is best invested during various market cycles.

100% Fee-Based

Our only compensation is from our clients.  We don't receive any commissions or kick backs, thus aligning our objectives with those of our clients. Our maximum annual advisory fee is 1.20%.  How We're Paid ->

Our Process:

Simple, Reliable, Repeatable

Determine Risk           

Risk & reward are connected at the hip.  Understanding the client's risk profile is the first step towards setting reasonable expectations

Plan & Invest

Our plans live and breathe, adapting as life changes.  All investment decisions are made with the client's plan in mind.

Rebalance Accounts

Think of this as scheduled maintenance; we rebalance all investment accounts to their stated risk targets on a quarterly basis.


All of the steps above are meaningless if done only once.  Just like investments, habits compound.  A clearly-defined, repeatable process is designed to create a simple and successful investing experience.

Successful investing doesn't happen overnight.  Instead, its the compounding process of a long series of small, but thoughtful investment decisions.

The One Page Plan

A living, breathing, financial plan designed to guide our clients to and through retirement.

We view retirement planning as an ongoing process, not a one-time event.  Say goodbye to the old school plan with 50 pages of data.  Our plans are digital, easy to update, and it all fits on one page.  

Cash Flow

  • Retirement Goals
  • Major Expense Planning
  • Pension Review
  • Social Security Planning
  • Mortgage Payoff Analysis


  • Investment Strategy
  • Net Worth Analysis
  • 401(k) Review
  • Company Stock & Options (RSU's, ISO', etc.)
  • Real Estate & Rental Property 

Tax & Estate   

  • Legacy Planning
  • Estate Review
  • Tax Analysis & Forecast
  • IRA Distribution Strategy
  • LTC & Life Insurance Review

Build Your Plan  

Investing with Elite Wealth

We serve families across the United States from various walks of life. Our client base includes current and former NFL, NCAA & NHL coaches and players, business owners, aerospace & defense engineers, information technology professionals, and more. Our typical client has worked hard at his or her trade, is either retired, or beginning to prepare for life after work. They tend to be conservative by nature, and they believe in the value of working with a professional to reduce the stress associated with making investment and financial decisions.

Is Elite Wealth right for you?

We generally serve families with $500k or more in retirement/investment assets.  Our clients are seeking a trusted advisor to oversee investment decisions and retirement planning.  Schedule a meeting to explore our services.

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