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Investment Insights

The market tends to do some interesting stuff.  We break it down for you on our blog.  

How to Invest During an Election Year Thumbnail

How to Invest During an Election Year

“What should we do with our investments to prepare for the election?" I have been asked this question in many client meetings this year. The 2024 election is on the mind of most investors these days. I get it, the candidates are as polarizing as they are elderly. Prepare yourselves to be inundated with political B.S. for the rest of the year...

Investing Insights
Looking Ahead to 2024 Thumbnail

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we approach year-end, the financial news will focus on what investors should expect in the year ahead. All of the major financial firms will post their S&P 500 price targets for the end of 2024, which is always entertaining to say the least! Let's revisit the price targets the big boys posted headed into this year:

Investing Insights
Interest Rate Risk Thumbnail

Interest Rate Risk

Let's rewind the clock back to October, 2007. The stock market was near all-time highs after posting 4 consecutive years of growth. We all remember what came next....the subprime mortgage crisis that resulted in the worst bear market of our generation. Stocks lost more than 50% over the next 17 months, and the fed began cutting interest rates in an effort to stabilize our deteriorating economy.

Investing Insights
Surviving Seasonality Thumbnail

Surviving Seasonality

The stock market is similar to the weather; its constantly changing, unpredictable, and it offers spurts of both euphoria and depression. And much like the 4 seasons, the stock market has periods of the year where blue skies are more likely, and conversely, times for thunder storms.

Investing Insights
Today's Bond Market Thumbnail

Today's Bond Market

Most of our content tends to be geared to the stock market, but bonds are becoming cool again. Today, we will focus our attention on bonds, the traditionally safe & boring portion of investment portfolios.

Investing Insights